Kona Bayview Inn is an ideal location with many Big Island Attractions nearby to explore. It’s central location puts many of the best beaches and local attractions on the island within easy reach including popular Two Step Beach, City of Refuge, Kealakekua Bay and Painted Church. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites in the links below. But first, remember that Hawai’i has ideal weather year-round. Want to escape those 105°F summer days? Look no further!

Temperature on the Big Island is largely regulated by your altitude. Only in Hawai’i can you drive to the top of the 13,796′ Mauna Kea (which translates to “White Mountain” from Hawaiian), fill up some buckets full of snow and in a relatively short drive, build snowmen on the beach wearing shorts on while you enjoy the sunny 80° weather and warm tropical breezes.

The Kona Coast is the leeward or west side of the Big Island with incredible diversity. You can explore ancient lava flows, historic Hawaiian heiaus and baths, hidden beaches, or native villages with catchment water and solar electricity. As you move south, the stark lava flows around Keahole-Kona International Airport are soon replaced by lush tropical vegetation as you drive upland from the coast. Of the 13 climate zone classifications, the Big Island features 11 of them. That’s as many as the entire stretch of coast from Alaska to Costa Rica! There is plenty of big island attractions for all types of visitors.