Lava Flow Tour

With the lava flowing in the Volcano National Park, we couldn’t resist the urge to go see it up close. There are a few options on how to see it. 1) by boat, 2) by helicopter, 3) hiking in, or 4) biking in. We decided to go by bicycle and selected to go with a guided tour by Lavaland Hawaii.

The Lavaland Hawaii tour is a great way to visit the flowing lava on the Big Island of Hawaii. We started with a four mile bike ride to get to the lookout area where the lava is flowing into the ocean. David and Hank were increadibly knowledgable about the area and shared history of the lava flows as we progressed through the tour. After watching the lava spill off the cliffs, they guided a walk through the lava fields to find hot spots of flowing lava and made sure you were safe and understood the terrain and what to watch for. When it got dark, the lava sparkled in the reflection of the flashlights and the beauty of the area revealed itself in the glowing flows and magnificant sky. Many stars and the Milky Way guided use back to our vehicles at the end of our tour. A special mahalo to David and Hank for a wonderful experience.






Posted on September 3, 2016 in Lava

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